Elevator (HD video, 9 mins, 2009)
Shortlisted for the Open Prize 2010 and exhibited at the Nicholls and Clarke Warehouse in London. The collection of works by the 10 shortlisted artists can be purchased from the Open Gallery. This was released in 2010 as a limited edition of 20.
About the Open Prize 2010 exhibition:
“One of the most impactful and fulfilling exhibitions I have seen this year” - G. Beaudin, ArtFacts.net
“This exhibition of video painting achieved a focus. The DNA of a movement.” - Anthony Haden-Guest
"Michael Lightborne’s Elevator (2009) is another highlight, taking two of Le Bayon’s solitary, still figures and placing them in an elevator, face-to-face – a surrealist staring contest under cold lights. A simple, yet effective piece, Elevator riffs on the impersonality and awkward confinement of modern, urban life." - Stephen Morgan, Screen Addict
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