Documentation of Digital Light Processing installation. Photography by Marcin Sz |

Jun 7 - 23: Shapeshifter exhibited at THESSALONIKI QUEER ARTS FESTIVAL, MOMus Experimental Center for the Arts, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Jun 7: For a Road Can Be a Thing of Beauty screening at City, Essay, Film event at UCL Urban Laboratory/UCL Festival of Ideas, London.
Jun 30: Electromagnetic listening workshop and live composition as part of Hipkiss and Graney's Dead Shrine project, in Stirchley Park, Birmingham.

Sounds of the Projection Box album released on vinyl and digtial by Gruenrekorder. 
A Chronic Mist installed at the Old Market, Hereford, for Borderlines Film Festival (March, 2017).

A new book about Gerard Byrne, entitled Jielemeguvvie guvvie sjisjnjeli - Film inside an Image (Mead Gallery, 2016), features a conversation between myself and Gerard about photography, The Projection Project, and his new work.
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